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  1. St. Samson (Bishop of Dol)
    Saint_SamsonSt. Samson was born in Wales around the year 485 and is considered one of the greatest missionaries to come from the British Isles. At the age of seven, his parents dedicated him to the service of God in gratitude for his birth after a long period of childlessness. He was enrolled under St. Illtud […]
  2. Saints Natalia, Aurelius, Liliosa, Felix, and George, Martyrs
    6ebd802057c76e0ef182f214ae3e41c1At the beginning of the Moslem rule in Cordova, Spain, during the 8th century, Christians were allowed to practice their Faith; later, however, when the domination became complete, the Mohammedan leaders began a systematic persecution of the Christians. One of the most prominent martyrs of the day was the Archbishop of Toledo, St. Eulogius, who […]
  3. Saints Joachim and Anne
    Santi_gioacchino_e_annaThe Gospels of Matthew and Luke trace Jesus’ genealogy, but neither of them mention the Virgin Mary’s parents by name, nor is there any reference to them elsewhere in the New Testament. A second-century apocryphal (unofficial) writing, the Protoevangelium of James , professes to give an account of Mary’s birth, and it is the source […]
  4. St. James
    James_son_of_ZebedeeJames, the son of Zebedee and the brother of St. John, is called St. James the Greater (so as to distinguish him from the other Apostle named James). Like their father, James and John were fishermen in Galilee. Soon after Jesus called Peter and Andrew (themselves fishermen and brothers) as His followers, He saw James […]
  5. Saints John Boste, George Swallowell, and John Ingram, Martyrs
    Forty_Martyrs_of_England_and_WalesThese three servants of God all died for the Faith near Durham, England, in 1594 and are known as the Durham Martyrs. John Boste was born about 1544, educated at Queen’s College, Oxford, and became a fellow there. At the age of 22 he joined the Catholic Church with the intention of becoming a priest. […]