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  1. St. Margaret of Hungary
    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASt. Margaret of Hungary is truly a unique model of virtue for today’s modern young woman. In a prayer “deal” with God, her father, King Bela IV of Hungary, promised her to the religious life at her infancy, in return for an end to the persecution of his country by various enemies. She grew into […]
  2. St. Antony the Abbot
    StAnthonyAntony was born in Upper Egypt to wealthy Christian parents in the year 251. Around the year 269, his parents died and left him and his sister a sizable inheritance, including three hundred acres of land. One day when he was attending Mass he heard the Scripture reading from Matthew 19:21: “If you wish to […]
  3. Pope Saint Marcellus I
    Pope_Marcellus_IMarcellus lived during the time of the Emperor Diocletian, a great persecutor of Christians. In the year 305, Diocletian abdicated and Pope Marcellus was elected three years later in 308. When Marcellus took office, the Church in Rome was in chaos. Through the terrible persecutions, churches had been confiscated and some burial places of Christians […]
  4. St. Ita
    Ballylooby_Church_of_Our_Lady_and_St._Kieran_North_Transept_East_Window_Detail_Saint_Ita_2012_09_08Ita was born around 475 in Decies, Waterford, Ireland, of royal lineage. After receiving permission from her father, she became a nun. She moved to Cluain Credhail in County Limerick, now known as Killeedy, or “Church of St. Ita.” There she founded a community of women like herself — virgins consecrated to God. Later, she also founded a […]
  5. St. Barbara
    Icon_01005_Sv._vmch._VarvaraAlthough there are no authentic historical accounts concerning St. Barbara, it is evident that she has been venerated since the seventh century. There are many legends surrounding this virgin and martyr, however. According to some of these, Barbara was the daughter of a wealthy pagan named Dioscorus who kept her locked in a tower most of her […]