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  1. St. Guntramnus (Contran)
    189px-Statue_de_saint_GontranSaint Guntramnus, also known as Contran or sometimes Gontran, was the son of King Clotaire and the grandson of Clovis I. In 561 he was became king of Orleans and Burgundy. He married a woman named Mercatrude, but later divorced her. However, when she became ill, he sent a physician to her. She was dying […]
  2. St. Rupert of Salzburg
    Villach_St_Martin_-_Michaelskapelle_-_Deckengemälde_-_Hl_RupertRupert lived in the eighth century during the time of Childebert III, King of the Franks. He was born of a noble family, and is said to have been pious and devout. His manner was upstanding and he was always truthful. He became Bishop of Worms and was well known for his piety. Many came […]
  3. St. Margaret of Clitherow
    Margaret_ClitherowMargaret was born in 1556 in Middleton, England. Her father was a wax chandler and both her parents were Protestants. She was not only very attractive but also had a charming personality. In 1571 she married John Clitherow, a well-to-do butcher, and they had three children. About three years into their marriage, Margaret converted to […]
  4. St. Dismas
    450px-Breznice_PB_CZ_St_Dismas_638All that we know with any authority about this saint is what we have from Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition. Tradition tells us that his name was Dismas and that he was the good thief who was crucified next to Jesus on Good Friday. There is a story, which is not substantiated and considered myth, […]
  5. St. Catherine (Karin) of Sweden
    429px-Sankta_Katarina,_skulptur_i_Trono_kyrka,_STF1923Catherine Ulfsdotter was born in 1331 in Sweden to Bridget (later St. Bridget). She was the fourth of eight children. When Catherine was only fourteen years old she married Eggard von Kurnen. Because Catherine was deeply devoted to God, she convinced her new husband to join her in a vow of chastity. Catherine’s mother, Bridget, […]