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  1. Sts. Crispin and Crispinian
    Ambrosius_Francken_(I)_-_Martyrdom_of_Saints_Crispin_and_Crispinian_of_SoissonsShoemakers Saints Crispin and Crispian are believed to be brothers born to a noble family in Rome in the middle of the third century. The brothers, along with Saint Quintinus, worked for the conversion of Gaul by their mission of evangelization, preaching boldly in the streets during the day. They supported themselves by night, working […]
  2. St. Anthony Mary Claret
    Antonio_ClaretWeaver, archbishop, and writer St. Anthony Claret (bishop and missionary) was born in 1807. He was a Spanish missionary priest and bishop who became known as the “Spiritual Father of Cuba.” His father was a weaver, and Anthony initially followed in his father’s footsteps. However, while working in the textile mills of Barcelona, he studied […]
  3. St. John of Capistrano
    Johannes Capistranus (Prediger)San John Capistrano The Italian priest St. John of Capistrano (1386-1456) was a well-educated lawyer; when only twenty-six, he became governor of the region of Perugia. Captured in a local war several years after this, John decided to change his life; he entered the Franciscan Order at the age of thirty, and was ordained a […]
  4. St. Mary Salome
    716px--Clio_Team-_1405_Andrei_Roublev_Nativite_du_Christ,_detail_Ecole_de_Moscou_Moscou,_Galerie_Tretiakov_cdladkSaint Mary Salome was the wife of Zebedee and the mother of the apostles John and James the Greater. Known as the “Sons of Thunder”, these two great men were among the first to be chosen by Jesus to follow Him. Mary Salome, their mother, would be one of the “three Marys” to follow Jesus […]
  5. St. Ursula
    375px-Carlo_Crivelli_041Maiden Martyr Several legends are circulated regarding the life, journeys, and death of St. Ursula and her companions. Ursula was the daughter of a Christian British king. The stories of her life are based primarily on the inscriptions by Clamatius, an early senator, which were carved into a stone document that hangs in the church […]