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  1. St. Margaret Mary Alacoque
    The visions of Christ granted to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque (virgin and religious) led to the Church’s formal veneration of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Margaret Mary was born in 1647; her childhood in eastern France was unhappy because of family problems and illness. After briefly considering marriage, she entered the Order of Visitation Sisters […]
  2. St. Teresa of Avila
    The Interior and the Active Faith Life St. Teresa (virgin and Doctor) was born in Avila, Spain, in 1515 and was raised in a warm and loving family. She was personally known for her engaging personality: She was beautiful, outgoing, enthusiastic and courageous. At the age of twenty, though reluctant to give up family life, […]
  3. St. Callistus I
    From Slave to Shepherd St. Callistus (pope and martyr) was one of the most unlikely yet highly influential popes of the early Church. Callistus was originally a slave in an important Roman household. Callistus managed to lose some money entrusted to his care, so he fled. Upon being recaptured, he was imprisoned for a time. […]
  4. St. Edward the Confessor
    The Just King Edward was born in 1003 in Oxford, England, the son of King Ethelred II, who was later unseated by a Danish invasion. Edward was to be sent to Denmark to be killed, but fled to Normandy instead. His mother later married the invader’s son, Canute, so Edward waited to return to England. […]
  5. St. Wilfrid
    St. Wilfrid (634-709) was born in Northumberland,  educated at Lindesfarne and then spent some time in Lyons and Rome. When he returned to England, he made it his life’s work to bring the English Church in line with Roman practice. He was elected Abbot of Ripon in 658 and Bishop of York in 669. During […]