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  1. Blessed Juvenal Ancina
    ancinaBlessed Juvenal Ancina was born John Juvenal Ancina in 1545, the son of a successful Spanish businessman. His father sent him to France to study medicine, but his excellent study habits earned him the prestigious opportunity to end his studies at the University of Turin with doctorates in both medicine and philosophy. By age 24, […]
  2. Martyrdom of St. John the Baptist
    Execution_of_John_the_Baptist_icon01The Last Prophet’s Last Offering John the Baptist was born about six months before his cousin, Jesus Christ. We remember the Virgin Mary, who had just conceived the Word of God, hurrying to meet her cousin Elizabeth, who was in the sixth month of her miraculous pregnancy. Elizabeth was considered far too old to conceive […]
  3. St. Augustine
    Saint_Augustine_PortraitA Wayward Son Returns Home He was deluded by paganism and lived a sinful lifestyle. Yet he became one of the greatest thinkers in Western history, and more importantly, a saint. St. Augustine (354-430) was a brilliant scholar and teacher even as a young man, but he was led astray by the false charms of […]
  4. St. Monica
    Monica_of_Hippo_by_GozzoliRewards of Persistent Prayer St. Monica (331-387) was the mother of St. Augustine (whose feast day is August 28). Monica, her pagan and licentious husband Patricius, his cantankerous mother, and her three children (including Augustine) all lived together in North Africa. There was plenty of potential for family strife and discord, but Monica’s patience and […]
  5. St. Joseph Calasanz
    Francisco_de_Goya_y_Lucientes_010The Spanish priest St. Joseph Calasanz (1556-1648) devoted his life to the education of deprived children. Joseph was ordained in 1583 after being trained in canon law and theology. He went to Rome, where it seemed he had a promising Church career, but he was shocked by the ignorance and poor morals of the common […]