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  1. St. Pius V (Pope)
    PiusVSt. Pius V (1504-1572) was the pope entrusted with enforcing the decrees and reforms of the Council of Trent. Born in Italy as Michael Ghislieri, he came from a humble background, and as a youth entered the Dominican Order. Michael developed a reputation as a preacher and teacher; in 1556 he was appointed a bishop, […]
  2. St. Catherine of Siena
    by Agostino CarracciSt. Catherine of Siena (1347-1380) was the youngest of twenty-five children, and her parents hoped she would marry a wealthy young man — but she had already dedicated her life to God. When her mother nagged her about making herself attractive, Catherine, in a gesture of defiance, cut off her beautiful hair so no one […]
  3. St. Peter Chanel (Priest and Martyr)
    Peter_ChanelThe son of a French peasant, St. Peter Chanel (1803-1841) became a priest as a young man, and within three years brought about a spiritual renewal in his parish by showing great devotion to the sick. However, he desired to be a missionary, and at age twenty-eight joined the Society of Mary (the Marists). For […]
  4. St. Zita
    ThemiracleofStZitaZita lived in the thirteenth century near Lucca, in Tuscany. She was reared in a devout Catholic family and was a joyful person. When she was twelve years old she went to live with and serve the Fatinelli family of Lucca. Because Zita was so humble and sweet natured as well as very pious, she […]
  5. St. Ludger
    SaintliudgerBorn in Friseland in the year 743, Ludger was part of a very noble family. At an early age Ludger went to stay in a monastery where he was taught by St. Gregory, a disciple of St. Boniface. Gregory’s piety made a great impression on the young Ludger and gave him the desire to follow in his […]