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  1. St. Conrad of Piacenza
    Conrad was a member of one of the most noble families of Piacenza. He married while still very young. He was known to be a most pious and honest person. One day while out with friends on a hunting expedition, he thought he saw some game in an area of brush. He ordered his attendants […]
  2. St. Simon (or Simeon)
    Simon is mentioned in Sacred Scripture and has been identified as one of the “brothers of the Lord.” Of course, Simon was not a blood brother of Jesus, but because the Aramaic and Hebrew language does not have a word for a close relative such as cousin, the word brother is often used. St. Simon […]
  3. Seven Holy Founders of the Order of Servites
    In 1240 seven noblemen of the prosperous and cultured Italian city of Florence decided to exchange the bustle of city life for a simple lifestyle of prayer, penance, and service of God. It is said that the Virgin Mary appeared to Bonfiglio Monaldo, Bonaiunta Manetto, Manetto Antellese, Amedeo Amedei, Uguccione Uguccioni, Sosteneo Sostenei, and Alessio […]
  4. St. Onesimus
    Onesimus lived in the first century and there is very little information about him. He was, however, mentioned in Sacred Scripture. Saint Paul speaks of him in his epistles. Apparently Paul met Onesimus while in a Roman prison. Paul baptized him and came to consider Onesimus like a son. Onesimus was a former slave of […]
  5. St. Claude de la Colombiere
    Claude de la Colombiere was beatified in 1929 and canonized by Pope John Paul II in 1992. Claude was born of noble parents in 1641 in Saint-Symphoriend’Ozon, which is between Lyons and Vienne in France. In 1659, he entered the Society of Jesus. After living the religious life for 15 years, Claude decided to make […]