Twinned with Notre Dame D'Altagrace, Cap Haitien, Haiti. Join in solidarity with this poor parish, share blessings, needs, and prayers.

St. Peter’s Haiti ministry sells fairly-traded products after all Masses the second Sunday of the month. We accept cash, checks, and credit cards. All profits go to support our twinned parish, Notre Dame d’Altagrace in Cap Haitien, Haiti. Volunteers are needed to staff the sales table after Mass the second weekend of every month; contact Beth Martin, elizbmartin@gmail.com, 301.587.0804. On-the-job training during the coffee sale! We especially need volunteers to sell after the 5pm Saturday and Sunday Masses.


Documentary to feature St. Peter's twinned partnership in Haiti

Archangel Airborne, a Catholic nonprofit that has partnered with St. Peter's Parish on the last two trips to Haiti to visit our twinned parish, Notre Dame D'Altagrace in Cap Haitien, is about to release a documentary which includes a lot of footage from our recently concluded trip.  Please view the clip below featuring our parish's own Peter Sloan addressing the parish of Notre Dame D'Altagrace on behalf of St. Peter's parish.

Contact Information

Name Peter Sloan
Email fly@
Phone 202.420.8845