If you have been away from the Church for a while, know that St. Peter’s is always ready to welcome you home.  St. Peter’s is a warm community of faith and committed to helping anyone and everyone draw closer to Christ through the Catholic Church.  We hope that you will consider coming to Confession and Mass to begin your journey home, or think about contacting a priest to discuss whatever may be keeping you away.  We miss you and hope to see you soon!

Weekend Mass Times
Weekday Mass Times
Confession Schedule

5 pm Sat ; 9, 11 (ASL interpreted), 5 pm Sun
7 am, 12:10 pm (8 am on Sat and Federal Holidays)
11:30-12 Mon-Fri, 6-6:30 pm Mon-Wed, 4-4:30pm Sat

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Notes from the Pastor

Purify My Heart

The Scottish theologian, William Barclay, tells a story of an old rabbi in an ancient Roman prison.  He was on a minimal ration of food and water, but enough for him to survive.  However, the rabbi grew weaker and weaker and a doctor determined that he was suffering from dehydration.  He was puzzled because, although the rabbi’s ration of water was minimal, it was adequate. He told the guards to watch him closely to see what he did with his water.  The guards then discovered that he was using almost all his water to perform the Jewish ritual washing prior to prayer and eating.  As a result there was little left for drinking.

This story helps us to focus on the dispute between Jesus, the Pharisees, and the Scribes. The ritual washing was somewhat complicated, and normally required two people.  With the fingertips pointing upward, water was poured over them and had to run at least down to the wrist.  The minimal amount of water was the equivalent of one and a half eggshells. Each hand had to be cleansed with the fist of the other, which now made the water unclean. So more water hand to be poured over the hands, this time with the fingertips pointing downward. Read more...

No Holy Hour Aug 3 - Sep 3

As is our custom, we do not have Holy Hour or evening confessions in August. We will resume on Tue, Sep 8 (after Labor Day). On August weekdays, the church will open at 7am and close at 5pm.

A Catholic Take on A.D. The Bible Continues (Behind the Scenes)

Please find below a behind-the-scenes featurette of a web video series the Archdiocese has produced called, “A Catholic Take on A.D. The Bible Continues” featuring our own, Fr. Bill Byrne as the host. NBC’s series, A.D. The Bible Continues began on Easter Sunday and went for 12 weeks. To catch up on past episodes of A.D. the Bible Continues, please visit: http://www.nbc.com/ad-the-bible-continues and to catch up on past episodes of Fr. Byrne's videos, please visit the Archdiocese's YouTube Page.

St. Peter's News & Alerts on your Phone!

St. Peter's announces the launch of Flocknotes - a new communications platform for parishioners to receive text messages about church activities and needs.  We won't bombard your phone with facts of the day or pictures of kittens, but we will send targeted text reminders about upcoming events like the Holy Week liturgies, reminders about Holy Days of Obligation, and parish and ministry needs as they arise (for example if there is an urgent need for certain items at the Pope Francis Center). To sign up for this new service online, visit our sign-up page, or text PeterDC to 84576 from your phone.

Food donations from St. Peter’s parish

Our food donations support the Pope Francis Center at the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in SE DC. The Center helps meet the basic needs of 600 families each month. To best meet the needs of their clients, the Center requests specific items only from this Food Pantry Shopping List. Anytime you come to church, bring any of the requested items and place them in the crates under the right hand table in the back of the church, where you can also find copies of the shopping list.

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