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  1. St. Polycarp

    St. Polycarp was a second century bishop and martyr, and an important leader in the early Church. He became a Christian while very young, and was a disciple of St. John the Apostle and a friend of St. Ignatius of Antioch. St. John appointed Polycarp as bishop of Smyrna (in modern-day Turkey), and St. Ignatius […]
  2. The Chair of Peter

    Today is the Feast of the “Cathedra” or Chair of St. Peter, a recurrence dating back to the fourth century that honors and celebrates the primacy and authority of St. Peter. The word “cathedra” means seat or throne and is the root of the word cathedral, the church where a bishop has his throne and […]
  3. St. Peter Damian

    The medieval Italian bishop St. Peter Damian (1007-1072) was born in Ravenna, where his parents died when he was still young. Peter was first left with an older brother, who was very unkind and neglectful; later another brother cared for him, and arranged for him to be well educated. Peter became a professor, and in […]
  4. St. Eucherius

    Eucherius was born in the fourth century. Upon the death of his wife he entered the monastery of Lerins, joining his two sons, Veranius and Salonius, who were already living there. Later, Eucherius moved to the island of Lerona (now called Sainte-Marguerite) where he spent his time studying. Desiring to become a hermit, Eucherius wrote […]
  5. St. Conrad of Piacenza

    Conrad was a member of one of the most noble families of Piacenza. He married while still very young. He was known to be a most pious and honest person. One day while out with friends on a hunting expedition, he thought he saw some game in an area of brush. He ordered his attendants […]

Ash Wednesday, March 6

Mass and Distribution of Ashes:

7 am, 12:10 and 6:30 pm


Liturgy of the Word and Distribution of Ashes:

10:30 am