Twinned with Notre Dame D'Altagrace, Cap Haitien, Haiti. Join in solidarity with this poor parish, share blessings, needs, and prayers.

St. Peter’s Haiti ministry sells fairly-traded products after all Masses the second Sunday of the month. We accept cash, checks, and credit cards. All profits go to support our twinned parish, Notre Dame d’Altagrace in Cap Haitien, Haiti. Volunteers are needed to staff the sales table after Mass the second weekend of every month; contact Beth Martin, elizbmartin@gmail.com, 301.587.0804. On-the-job training during the coffee sale! We especially need volunteers to sell after the 5pm Saturday and Sunday Masses.


New video of our twinned Parish in Haiti - Notre Dame D'Altgrace

Special thanks to Chris Manley for editing this video.

Flight to Haiti - Fall 2012

E-mail update on our Haiti Mission Trip

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[The following is an edited transcript of an e-mail from Archangel Medical Mission team member Stu Hirsch, who is one of the pilots coordinating with Peter Sloan. Explanatory/editorial notes in italics.]   
From Stu Hirsch, 14 Nov 2012, 5am:     At 0800hrs [13 Nov] , Mike and I returned to the Les Cayes aerodrome to depart for Cap Hatien where we had planned to rendezvous with Pete Sloan to review his team's clinic operations and location. The flight conditions were optimal and we were able to make the 127NM direct trip in 53 minutes - far surpassing the typical 12-16 hours for ground transit between Les Cayes and Cap Hatien... Vehicular road trauma in Haiti with mass-casualty accidents is quite prevalent and with little recourse for trauma care, other than in Port au Prince.

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November 2012 Haiti Update

Peter Sloan, with members of the Archangel Airborne Mission, on the medical mission to Haiti.

April 2012 Haiti Update

St. Peter's Parish is pleased to share this photographic update on our Sister Parish Notre Dame D'Altagrace in Cap Haitien, Haiti.

The Generator the Parish helped to secure is up and running.

Life-saving antibiotics were safely delivered to Notre Dame D'Altgrace.

The antibiotics were successfully distributed to parishioners of Notre Dame D'Altgrace.

Solene Xavier (L) and Nirlene Pierre (R) are two young women that St. Peter's has "adopted," awarding them full scholarships to continue their education.

Young schoolchildren at Notre Dame's school, pose for a picture underneath a banner of "Hope" made by the schoolchildren of St. Peter's.

Schoolchildren at Notre Dame's school say, "Thank you," to the parishioners at St. Peter's on Capitol Hill for their continued support and generosity.

St. Peter's Mission in Haiti

View our video below for many of the sights and sounds of St. Peter's Twinning Mission to Haiti.

Haiti Flight gets Catholic Standard coverage

Peter Sloan, our intrepid Haiti pilot, reflected on his trip in an article in this week's Catholic Standard.  Check it out!


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