DC Catholic Youth (DCCY)

A youth group for high school students living in SE, SW, & NE DC. Meets 2-3 times a month at St. Peter’s, plus monthly socials and service opportunities.    Pray.  Play.  Serve.  Grow... Together!

Created for YOU, the YOUTH, the future of the Church.  Help us help you...let us know what you're looking for, what you're missing...let us know how we can help you deepen your relationship with Christ and grow stronger in the communion of His universal Church.  Your experience will be fun and fulfilling, spiritual and social, helping and happening.  Remember...can't spell YOUTH without YOU!   For more info and updates: Ester Sesmero, youthgroup@saintpetersdc.org.


Holy Week 2019


Contact Information

Name Ester Sesmero
Email estersesmero@gmail.com