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Activities that promote greater protection for the most defenseless of our society, the unborn child, the elderly, and those facing end-of-life issues.


Choose Life License Plates

DC Choose Life License Plate
"Choose Life" license plates are now available to D.C. residents thanks to The Children First Foundation. Each license plate is an excellent witness to the culture of life with $20 of the $25 annual tax-deductible fee going directly to help crisis pregnancy centers and maternity homes within the District of Columbia.

Visit Request the D.C. plate, follow the instructions, and indicate which pregnancy center or maternity home you wish to support. You will soon you receive your official plate and support the culture of life in our nation's capital! Tell your family, friends, and colleagues!

For more information or assistance in completing the forms and obtaining your license plate, contact Larry Cirignano of The Children First Foundation at 202-306-6863. Michael Scott of the D.C. Catholic Conference is also available to address any questions or concerns at 301-853-5308.

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